Startup Speed Dating

25 April 2018 | ETH HG Dozentenfoyer

The Startup Speed Dating lets students dive into the world of entrepreneurship and startups connect with the highly qualified and ambitious students. This is the hub for exchange between students and startups.


For students

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Application deadline: 11th of April 2018!

You get the chance to meet a variety of great startups. The matching process gives you the chance to pick your favorites and meet the founders on a 6 min speed date. Once you’re on a date, the possibilities are limitless. You might get an internship, write your thesis with the company or even become a co-founder. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to meet Zurich’s emerging startup scene and apply now. The event is free for admitted candidates and admission is madatory.

For Startups

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You get the chance to expose your enterprise, project or idea in a 30 second pitch to highly skilled, carefully selected candidates. Whether you are looking for co-founders, employees or researchers, you will find them among the 120 candidates through the matching process. You get 12 slots for speed dates to get what you are looking for. The price ranges for participation will be announced soon. You’ll find a detailed explanation in the application form. You can also apply to become a Premium startup with a large booth.

Neither student nor startup

If you are a professor, partner, sponsor or an active part of the Zurich startup scene, you can drop a line at Still beware the SSD is not a usual networking event and please mention explicitly why you think we should invite you.

25 April 2018


17:00 Registration of startups
17:30 Startup briefing
17:45 Start of candidate registration
18:15 Matching process
19:00 Speed Dating: 6 rounds
19:45 Break
20:00 Speed Dating: 6 rounds

Frequently asked questions.

  • What kind of students can participate?
  • We welcome applications from anyone who is interested in working with a startup. However, we give priority to students.
  • Dresscode?
  • Nope! It is a very casual event.
  • When and how will I know I selected as a candidate (student)?
  • We will contact you within 1 or 2 days after the application deadline via email. So be sure to put the right email when applying!
  • Should I take CV printouts with me?
  • You really don't need to, however you are free to do so. You will exchange contact details and have a chat anyway.
  • What kind of startups can participate?
  • We don't have specific requirements regarding your background.
  • Can startups bring stuff?
  • Startups will dispose of a small table, primarily used for the dates. You can bring gimmicks and such.
  • When and how will a startup know it got selected?
  • We will contact you within 1 or 2 days after the application deadline via email. So be sure to put the right email when applying!

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